The shifting politics in multilateral development and human rights negotiations and the absence of accountability

Published on июня 06, 2015


The post-2015 development agenda currently being negotiated at the United Nations in New York will dictate development strategies and influence aid flows for the foreseeable future. It is vital, therefore, that what is agreed during these discussions focuses on the means by which to improve the lives and opportunities of those seeking to escape poverty and all that this entails. Yet negotiations on the new development framework have largely ignored a crucial component for addressing disparities and violations in all corners of the world: human rights.

Article written by Sandeep Prasad, Executive Director, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and Stuart Halford, Senior Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Sexual Rights Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland.


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DOI: November 2014 Volume 22, Issue 44, Pages 109–113