L’Initiative pour les droits sexuels est une coalition d’organismes nationaux et régionaux établis au Canada, en Pologne, en Inde, en Égypte, en Argentine et en Afrique du Sud qui collaborent à l’avancement, aux Nations Unies, des droits de la personne pertinents à la sexualité.


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- octobre 08

Although laws around gender equality and women’s rights in Somalia have advanced in the past years, there are important gaps that need addressing to effectively guarantee and protect women’s rights. If the recommendations are to have a positive impact on the lives of women and girls in Somalia, the government will need to take urgent and decisive action.

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- octobre 08

Sex work is deeply intertwined with the public and policy debate on immigration in Denmark. Many street-based sex workers in Copenhagen and other big cities are migrants and are subjected to intersectional discrimination, including xenophobic and racist violence. The anti-migrant, xenophobic and racist sentiment is also frequently expressed by political leaders and senior ranking government officials. Government funding continues to be drastically cut from many sex workers’ organizations and organizations supporting migrants. Absurd and inaccurate reasoning is often provided for these funding cuts, such as conflating sex work with “human trafficking and illegal migrant work.”  

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La SRI a développé diverses bases de données pour aider les militant-es, les responsables de politiques, les agences onusiennes et les diplomates dans leur plaidoyer national et international pour la santé et les droits sexuels et génésiques.