Federation for Women and Family Planning and WKRW statement

46th Session of the UN Human Rights Council
Item 3: General Debate
Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland
8 March 2021


Thank you, President,

The Federation for Women and Family Planning delivers this statement on behalf of the Great Coalition for Equality and Choice from Poland.

Women and girls in Poland just recently got ripped off their right to bodily autonomy and control over their reproductive choices and sexuality. In January 2021 the judgment of the illegitimate Constitutional Tribunal de facto banning abortion in Poland entered into force. Women whose pregnancies are inviable are forced to carry it; they fear to get pregnant for lack of adequate pregnancy care services. These are the critical scenarios for many women in Poland now.
Those who take part in street demonstrations fear violence and prosecution.
Human rights defenders are already harassed and prosecuted.
Fundamentalists’ agenda flourishes.
A bitter statement to deliver on International Women’s Day.

Expressing concern and recommending change visibly IS NOT ENOUGH for States like Poland which do not respect the fundamental rights of over half of their population, despite being a member of this Human Rights Council.

On behalf of Polish women, we reiterate the need for firm pressure to be exercised on Poland. We need access to abortion care and other reproductive health services.

We expect the international community and this Council to hold Poland responsible for the unceasing violations of international obligations and commitments and for the suffering it causes to so many of us in Poland.