Will you help put sexual rights on the global agenda?

Published on November 30, 2015

The SRI is competing for a permanent spot on the Global Giving fundraising platform this month. Through Global Giving, donors can now receive American charitable receipts for donations to our global work on sexual rights. By simply supporting our project “Proudly Pushing the Global Sexual Rights Agenda” you can help us win a permanent spot on the Global Giving platform.

Will you help us earn a permanent spot on this valuable American fundraising platform?

The SRI is a small coalition of sexual rights groups from the global south and north using the Human Rights Council to promote sexual rights in all communities. Through the Universal Periodic Review process, we are ensuring that sexual rights are recognized in the global human rights agenda and that governments are held accountable.

We need to recruit just 40 US-based donors before Dec 31st. Each of these donors will receive an American charitable tax receipt for their donation to the Sexual Rights Initiative. If we succeed in the Global Giving challenge, we will be able to accept and receipt American donations year round.

Will you support the global sexual rights movement through a donation to the Sexual Rights Initiative?

Together the SRI has already:

  • Submitted over 130 reports to the Universal Periodic Review, all of them in association with local/national organizations or activists, and addressing a wide range of sexual rights issues;
  • Collaborated with hundreds of regional activists to raise sexual rights at the Human Rights Council;
  • Pushed the Human Rights Council to explicitly include sexual and reproductive health within the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health;
  • Been a leading voice in the Human Rights Council’s decision to take up the issue of maternal mortality, which recognizes maternal mortality and morbidity as a human rights matter;

We’ve heard from many US-based supporters over the years who’ve been frustrated by our inability to issue American tax receipts. It was never accessible for us to set up an American charity, but with the streamlined process offered by Global Giving US-based donors can now support the Sexual Rights Initiative without sacrificing their right to a tax receipt. We encourage you to donate today. With your support we will be able to issue American tax receipts year-round.

Will you help put sexual rights on the global human rights agenda?


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