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Welcome to the UPR Sexual Rights Database

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council is used to review each of the 193 Member States of the UN on its entire human rights record every four and a half years.

This exciting tool is based on the original database developed by UPR-Info, which includes all the recommendations of each UPR session and is available at Thanks UPR-Info!

This database allows you to access and search all the sexual rights related recommendations and references made during the Universal Periodic Review through several categories including: State under Review, Source of Reference, Type of Reference and Thematic Issue, using either the basic or advanced search options.

Click here to read a guide on how to use this database, or download the guide here (PDF 610KB).

For more information about the UPR and how it can be used to advance sexual rights, read the publication of the Sexual Rights Initiative and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Sexual Rights and the Universal Periodic Review: A toolkit for advocates.

In order to gain access to the UPR Sexual Rights Database, please send an email to database(at)sexualrightsinitiative(dot)com containing the following information: your name, the name of your organization (if any), your email address, the name and email address of a reference (either an SRI partner, or known to one). Thank you!

Click here to download a 1-page handout about the database.

Members can access the UPR Sexual Rights Database here.


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